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All About Sara

You read my blog. I'm glad. This blog is my baby, and to be honest I work very hard to make a blog that is worth you're time to read and worth mine to write. With that being said, I thought you may appreciate learning more about me.

That would be us. Rachel is on the left, I am on the right! 
As stated in my bio, I am 19, a college sophomore, and pansexual. Ok.. hold on, what is pansexual? Does it mean you get off to like pictures of pans, or like the touch of them? Yes. It does. Pans just do it for me... kidding. Seriously guys, that is not what being pansexual means, although it provides a good laugh on a rainy day..  being pansexual means for me, it doesn't matter what is in the pants, just what is in the heart. For a long time I identified as being bi-sexual. And for awhile that truly described how I felt. As I got older  however, I started to be attracted to people who identified as transsexual, transgender, and gender queer. My label changed as I did. It was a few months ago that I started to describe myself as pansexual and I have not looked back sense.

My girlfriend Rachel was the one who talked to me about being pansexual and it clicked immediately. So Sara, who is this infamous Rachel we keep reading about.. well friends.. I am gonna fill you in on our friend here. Rachel and I go to college, and if you read my post "Serious Relationships" you can read all about our.. errmmm.. interesting past. She is a junior, and has become my best friend and girlfriend. We have been together for 2 months, and are crazy about each other. Here are some pics, if you are a more of a "visual" person...
She loves to hack my facebook and leave love notes!

She is my rock and my everything. We have such a complicated past but such a bright future together. And to be honest,I wouldn't have it any other way.
She is pimpin.. Im a dork.. :)

Easter had to be one of the best days of my life!

So, ok, moving on.. we go to college together.. where is that you may ask, well. I attend university of Wisconsin Parkside. I am pursuing a double major in International Studies and Political Science. I spend most of my free time at school either cramming for a test, writing a paper or chilling with my amazing friends. They have been my everything since moving to college. They have not only become my friends but my family. And a kick-ass one at that.  
Andy is a friend from High School but has grown much closer to me
 as we got older. I don't know what I would do without him.

Tyler. He is a DJ. He is awesome. He was my first Parkside Gay Man.
Now what else can I share with you my dears, well. I love animals. They are so cool. They love without question, which is a trait I admire in these creatures. The dog in the picture on the left is Daisy, my moms service dog. She is literary a god-send.There have been countless times she has saved my mom from panic attacks and other mental issues. She is helping my mom recover from a long 2 years of electric shock therapy, countless drugs for her mental illness, and many suicide attempts followed by hospitalization. Daisy is saving family. I owe her everything.

 I love music. It seems to always give me the answers when I am unable to find them from anywhere else. I am really into Indie pop and current pop. I also really enjoy some alternative music, country, and very little rock. Some of my favorite artists include Florence + the Machine, Foster the People, Fun., Grouplove, Goyte, Karmin and Of Monsters and Men. 

My favorite TV shows are Glee, Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, The Girls Guide to Depravity, Dr.Who, Skins(EU version) and  The Kardashians. Don't you judge me. ;) 

Favorite Colors are purple, blue, green, pink, yellow and slate gray. 

Favorite type of dogs are beagles, basset hounds, and labs. 

Favorite movies are comedies, indie and romance. Also I am addicted to the Gay and Lesbian section on netflix.
Shay is pretty much awesome-sauce. She is always around with
some very good advice and is a great dancer! 
Ana was a theatre major with me.
We have way too many memories with each other.
I love her to death and she makes great drinks!
Allyssa is one of my complete faves. She always knows
what to say and when to say it, and when she gets drunk,
I smile. Because we are ALWAYS drunk together. Like in this picture!
Vanessa was one of the first friends I made at Parkside.
She has been my rock, my best friend, and my foodie!
Nessa, ILY :)

I hope this has helped you to get to know me more. Now here is where I ask you my loves to do something for me. See, I love blogging and sharing all of my beautiful, colorful, and offbeat thoughts with you. But it takes a lot of my time. By no means am I going to stop blogging, but I am asking for your help. I need people to follow me. It is crucial for perspective sponsors to see that I have a constant following for them to give to my blog. With sponsors, I will have the ability to do more reviews on products you want to see, have giveaways and if I get really damn lucky, I can get some revenue for all the hours I am putting into my blog. So PLEASEE (imagine me on my knees begging you all for help) follow my blog. Share it on facebook, twitter, tumblr, and any other site you enjoy. Tell all those people you call friends about me, promo me on your sites. Just please at the very least follow me. I post new content (almost) daily. If you follow me I promise to post content you want to read about, but I need you my dears to follow. And pleas follow my other two blogs. Diet Journal and Reviews!
Ok, I am done begging. I love you all. Have a fantastic day!
xo Sara

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