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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Dream Catchers have to be one of my favorite bedroom decorations of all time.
This one, which can be found in my room at home! I found it in Las Vegas up in the Mountains. It was snowing and absolutely beautiful. I got one for me and my best friend. They were handmade and sold by native americans from the area! :)

I am absolutely addicted to these sailor know bracelets! I got them from my mom on my 19th birthday! I am ALWAYS wearing one! I'll share the link below!

Candles! I always have them in my room.
This is from pier one.  The scent is a maple and
the leaves burn as the candle goes down. A must have for me!

     I got the starry night tapestry online for $20. It is HUGE! I am so excited to hang it in my dorm next year! Right now it is behind my bed and when I turn off the overhead light and turn on my lights around my headboard it looks magical. Love it!

UGLIES, PRETTIES, SPECIALS, and EXTRAS are a sci-fi series by Scott Westerfield. So good. Fast Read! I recommend it for a good summer read!

UV-Blue is my alcohol go to. I can take shots of it, use it for mixers and can even make some spectacular icee's with it!
I'll post recipes on a DRINKS page (coming soon!)

Old Books/ Nancy Drew! Well, I love the smell of old books and Nancy Drew is just do good! The old stuff is way better than the newer books. Just be warned!

Harry Potter. SO amazing. So good. Its practically my soul! No fear though I do not have 7 horcruxes! ;) gotta love a Potterhead!

Love Letters. Rachel decided to write me a bunch of them and whenever I have my doubts or worries, all I have to do is read them and be completely reassured that my relationship is good. Amazing!
I am so excited to be reunited with her in 10 days!

My diploma and cap. I am so proud of myself for getting through High School. College is so worth getting to. I know how much it took for me to fight through all the crap and the drama that High School brings and I am so glad I can be done with it all.

Monty Pyton's Flying Circus. I have yet to watch these yet but I can't wait! I loved Search for the Holy Grail! Monty Python is a genius! This box set is crazy and I am just so ready to dive into it!

I love incense just as much as I love candles. I actually burn it more than my candles.. I mean seriously look at how much I have! I will never run out!!

f.y.i. is this intense body butter experience. such a rich smell and thick lotion! It is all natural and just so good! Sadly, it is not sold anymore :(

 I love birds and this picture pretty much brings together a personal mantra (fly away) and the bird together!And it is in one of my fave. colors!

I adore this shampoo for its delicious smell, all natural parts and how soft and shiny it leaves my hair when used with the matching conditioner! (Found at Walgreens!)

 Not much to say. When I do decided to wear makeup, I tend to not go all natural, but these are the items I will grad to get all dolled up! Almost out of both the creme eye shadow, eye liner, lip stain and mascara! Guess I need to go makeup shopping!

 This liner is super dark and has a thin ass tip, I get great lines every time!

Clean Finish foundations is my new discovery. My pores disappear! The shade is great for summer and it comes off easily!

Lip stain is a party-girls addiction, lasts all night. Through drinks, shots,kissing.. and the naughty stuff ;) I love this shade. It isn't too dark on me but it lets me still get a nice color on!

Victoria's Secrete glitter liner is great when I go to clubs! I layer it ontop of the black and it just adds SPARKLES! :) love it!

These are my go to nail polish colors. Most dry fast and people always compliment me on the colors! :)

I love this mascara. It makes my eyes just POP!

I am addicted to organic soaps! This one is from a local store and is cinnamon scented! mmm!!

I went through a purple eyeliner phase. This brand goes on well, and the color is vibrant! Find it at Walgreens!

I used this blush a lot for Theatre shows I did in high school. has a bit of a shimmer but its a lighter pink! Got it at Kohls from the flirt line of cosmetics!

Got this from a friend for my birthday. It gives my eyelashes a shit ton on volume and the blue is not scary bright! Great for going out!

I love my contacts! I have had them for 4 years almost and they are such a good investment. I still wear glasses but not as much as I use to!

I hope you enjoyed my list of the things I love and adore!

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xo Sara

Monday, May 28, 2012

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Memorial Day Meaning

Memorial Day- the last Monday in May, a national holiday, and a day kids get off of school. All true facts, but what is the real purpose of Memorial Day? Well, I'm gonna tell you :)

Memorial Day is a holiday to celebrate the lives and work of the soldiers who died in combat for the United States. It was first created May 5 1868 by General John Logan, and it was first celebrated 25 days later on May 30th 1868. Sadly it took awhile for the states to see it as a true holiday. New York was the first state to recognize this holiday in 1873 and by 1890 all of the Northern States had officially recognized it. The southern Sates ... well not so much. They were still pretty pissed about loosing the Civil war and didn't want to cooperate. 1971 marked the first year every state recognized it as a holiday.

Once again, the American people thank those who have fallen for our freedom. As an individual, I am so proud to live in American. Yes, I hate it sometimes and even though I'm a political science major, the drama surrounding American politics can really piss me off. But I will always be grateful for the privilege to live here and call it my home.

So, enough with the history lesson. What did I do today? I'm glad you asked.. I have done hardly anything! I am really enjoying this three day weekend and sleeping in. I got up around 11, talked to Rachel for an hour and got dressed. Got lunch at Fazollis for a traditional sister date with Gen and then headed to Culvers for a concrete mixer! I think I freaked out the old lady at the table next to us. I was talking about marrying Rachel and becoming president. Oh and how Obama would be my bro and I would go shopping with Michelle Obama. Yep. I have some fantastic goals for my life.

Now I am just listening to Spotify, looking for freelance writing work and making so posts for my blog.

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xo Sara

PS  If you feel my history lesson was a bit to brief for your enjoyment check out that's where I learned all about Memorial Day!

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Serious Relationships

It is not uncommon to see people go in and out of relationships- especially while in high school. These tend to be more superficial and for the appearance of being "taken". Many couples come and go and people don't blink an eye. What is uncommon? Seeing a couple last past 10 mo, 13 mo, and even 18 mo. These are the relationships people notice.These are the serious relationships hopeless romantics like myself strive for. People stop and question, what are they doing that I am not. People love the feeling of being wanted, and many will find that in a relationship. But don't be fooled. All the long term and serious relationships people idolize are not easy. They take work. It takes a special pair of people to accomplish this and they need to have a similar mindset in where they want their relationship to end up.

From personal experience, It wont last if one person is fully committed for the long run and the other is just in it for the moment. Its a mindset, maybe its not in the front of your mind everyday but its floating around in there waiting to remind you why you are in this situation when you start to have doubt or questions. Its all a learning process, and its not easy. I am currently entering a 2mo relationship with the most amazing girl.

We met in college. Wow, that makes it sound like we are old. We met this past semester. Fall 2011. Her name is Rachel. She was a junior while i was a mere freshman. We had some brief encounters first semester through mutual friends on our small campus, but never really got to know each other. It wasn't until other mutual friends, a booze filled apartment, and one pesky best friend of mine, that we finally started talking. We were both completely schwasted. One thing led to another and things happened. Sorry folks but that's all I will say about that. We became friends and as my feelings for her continued to grow, I began to text her everyday. Without fail. I spent time with her and we talked a lot. She began to open up for the first time in a long time. We were becoming best friends.

She wasn't oblivious to my feelings, that were not reciprocated by her I might add. Whenever I got drunk, which was a lot at that time, she received some lovely texts telling her all about my feelings. Her response was always polite but the same. I'm sorry, I don't feel the same and I am not looking to get into anything. Fair enough, but my stubborn ass wouldn't take no for an answer. So the texts (while drunk) continued. The same answer always followed. Eventually, I began to stop texting her, even if I was sober. I was trying to forget about her and move on. Well, she didn't like this. She had began relying on my daily hello and questions on her day. Later I would find out it made her feel wanted and loved..So whenever i stopped texting her, she would text me. A lot. Saying things like I know you miss me.. which I did. I think she secretly loved toying with my emotions.

One day, I got very VERY drunk. And the "I like you" texts began. But it was different this time.. it was not just how i felt, but why I felt that way, why I thought we would be good together and why I'd be good for her. Its not surprise that when I re-read these I was overcome with terror on what she was going to say. Later that day we got together and we talked. For a few hours. I cried a bit too if I remember correctly.. and she said she would give me that chance I begged for. I was ecstatic.

Fast-forward past some drama about us and get to March 24 2012. She asked me to be hers. To be her girlfriend. I cried. And yelled and giggled and just couldn't stop smiling. It was everything I had wanted. I got the girl and I had defeated the odds.

Its now 8 minutes till we officially hit 2 months. I couldn't be happier. We have overcome so many obstacles and negative reactions people had about us and have grown closer and stronger as a couple. She is still everything I have wanted and more. Yes, we fight. And sometimes I have my moments of doubt but it all comes back to the conversation we had. We were talking about what we wanted to be as a couple. It was in complete agreement when we decided we were going to strive for a meaningful lasting relationship. One that we will always hold close and fondly remember.

And that's the point of a serious relationship. It isn't to show off or to brag. Its having someone who you want to hold close even if you grow apart. I know even if Rachel and i don't make it to forever,she will always be in my life, and my best friend. WE are way to bonded for her to completely leave my life for good. I found someone who was at the same level I was. Everyday my love for her grows. And although we are spending the summer apart as we both work towards our futures I feel closer to her than before. We have managed to stay close and strong even with distance. I love my pumpkin so much and I can honestly say I truly don't see us ending any time soon. Love you baby. Happy two months. Here is to many many more to come.

"Love was made for me and you"

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xo Sara

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Be a manly man?

Ever since the beginning of time there have been the "quintessential" things every manly man should be doing. In the earliest years it was hunting, protecting and reproducing. And to an extent, this has not changed much over time. In reality what does society tell a man he needs to be doing to prove his manly hood? Make money to support your family, protect your family from harm, provide a financial security, and raise children? Well, sort of.

A list has been recently floating around the web that gives you the ways to be a true manly man. Although this was posted in 2008, I have recently found a few of my favorite YouTubers making videos with their opinions on it. Ill post those links at the end of the page along with the link for the original list.

Here for your reading pleasure and amusement are some of my favorite "manly man" traits. Some are reasonable, while some are just downright crazy.

The Man List:

8. Power-slide a car around a corner
     - Very fast and the furious are we?

10. Mix Concrete
     - Not gonna lie, when I first read that I thought of Culvers concrete mixers.. but I don't think he was referring to ice cream. :)

14. Paddle a Canoe
     - Ummm.. ok?

15. Set up an Xbox on HDTV
     - Is it that much harder to plug shit in on a Xbox to a HDTV compared to a regular TV?

17.Read a map without using SatNav
     - What is SatNav? Satellite Navigation? Why the hell would you not use technology? God sometimes I wonder how men survive this world.

24.Complete an Army assault course
     - Why does this qualify you as a man? Seems kinda violent.

25.Survive on a desert island (Wilson volleyball is optional)
   - Ha. that was a good movie.

28.Survive a bear attack
   - Um.. excuse me?

32.Win a steak eating contest
   - Why does it need to be steak? Wouldn't hot dogs suffice?

41.Demonstrate nunchuck skills
    - I know a few guys who would love this requirement.. I know a lot of their mothers and girlfriends will also be taking them to the hospital for hurting themselves.

44.Tarmac a driveway
    - What the hell is tarmac? Is it like concrete?

47.Survive being interrogated
   - How about never be interrogated. Don't break laws.. it never looks good when your girlfriends parents start asking questions and you are stuck to be interrogated for a second time by the father with a rifle. Shits gonna get real.

48. Act like a gentleman around women
    - Ok, I like this :) gotta love a gentleman.

51.Never get lost while driving and NEVER ask for directions
    - Lets be honest here folks. Men get lost. A LOT! Men, suck up your pride and get directions. Would you rather fear the wrath of your significant other when you are late for something important?

63.Command a covert team of Special Forces soldiers in a paintball game
    - Damn, this sounds intense. Glad I don't have a dick or identify as a man!

68.Thrash a few geeks on Call of Duty 4 on XBox Live
    - Guys, why does this sound like fun. Enjoy your video games but do you need to be mean? I'm sure these "geeks" have it hard enough.

72.Become a Centurion
   -Is that like.. from lord of the rings? shit.. im lost..

75.Save a child from being hit by a speeding car
    - ermm... what? even I would be like fuckk nooo!!!  But guys if you have what it takes to do this I bet you'll get laid. A lot. 

Well folks, there is the modern man for you. He has survived a bear attack and can still act like a gentleman. 

To see some awesome YouTube videos on this list click either here ----^

         <----------------- or here! 

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just Do It.

Just Do It.

Such a strong statement, and something to live by. I'm tired, Im not sure if I'm gonna work right- just do it. Get off your lazy ass and move. Run around for an hour, walk to the park, or if you want go to the gym. Just get your fucking body moving. Its good for you, and hell if you are in a shitty mood- it gives you endorphin's- they make you happy. Try it.

Had a bad day at work and wanna nom? Don't grab that pizza. Eat something healthy. Yeah, its not gonna be the same as 3 scoops of custard but in the morning you will feel better and not be self-loathing. while in the shower. Just eat right. Just do it.



1. transitive and intransitive verb feel tender affection for somebody: to feel tender affection for somebody such as a close relative or friend, or for something such as a place, an ideal, or an animal

2. transitive and intransitive verb feel desire for somebody: to feel romantic and sexual desire and longing for somebody

3. transitive verb like something very much: to like something, or like doing, something very much
"I love watching old movies on TV."

4. transitive verb show kindness to somebody: to feel and show kindness and charity to somebody
"love your enemies"

5. transitive verb have sex with somebody: to have sexual intercourse with somebody (dated )

Love as you can see has many meanings. For each individual, it not only means something different, but it also feels different. So how do we know that when someone tells us they love us, that they really mean what we mean when we would say the same thing? It is just so confusing

Isn't that amazing? A concept that is just so simple, can really be so complicated. How do you know you are in love? Is it the way you feel when you are with someone? Or when you start missing them? And even then, missing someone is very different than craving someone. Is that craving feeling wrong? Or just infatuation? Or even something deeper than love.

For me, love seems to be all of the definitions. When I love someone, i feel all of the ideas listed above. And hell, the fifth is very true.God, I love sex. Sorry, I got sidetracked. OK, not really. Sex. Love. Do the go hand in hand? I really am gonna say no on this one. I've had my one night stands. Sex is good and natural and hell its healthy. I thoroughly enjoy sex and although love can come with it, it doesn't need to. But you all knew that already ;)

Also, I seriously feel we allow the media and society to really manipulate and construe what true passionate and unadulterated love really is. Watch TV for a long enough period of time and you will see a dozen commercials advertising the perfect ring or the dream honeymoon. With wedding season upon us it seems the media is just having a fucking field day with trying to get girls in that $5000 gown and the guys to dough out $2000 on the "perfect" ring. And while I will admit, I do have my moments where even I find myself buying into the perfect wedding, I wonder why it has to be so god damn expensive. Yes, you want your day to be one to remember. It does need to be special. But it also needs to be you. Do you and your partner love to throw cash around? Then go for it, as for me, I will save on my wedding. Although the $5000 ring is drop dread gorgeous, I don't fucking need it. Give me a nice ring that I'll be comfortable wearing everyday for the rest of my life. 

My wedding will be simple. Hand made items, place cards,invitations, and table settings with a very home like feel. Because that's really all my partner and I will be doing. Continuing on building our home, our life. So, people. Just remember. It isn't the money or the media. Its love. What you feel for the other person and how you show it that matters.