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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Serious Relationships

It is not uncommon to see people go in and out of relationships- especially while in high school. These tend to be more superficial and for the appearance of being "taken". Many couples come and go and people don't blink an eye. What is uncommon? Seeing a couple last past 10 mo, 13 mo, and even 18 mo. These are the relationships people notice.These are the serious relationships hopeless romantics like myself strive for. People stop and question, what are they doing that I am not. People love the feeling of being wanted, and many will find that in a relationship. But don't be fooled. All the long term and serious relationships people idolize are not easy. They take work. It takes a special pair of people to accomplish this and they need to have a similar mindset in where they want their relationship to end up.

From personal experience, It wont last if one person is fully committed for the long run and the other is just in it for the moment. Its a mindset, maybe its not in the front of your mind everyday but its floating around in there waiting to remind you why you are in this situation when you start to have doubt or questions. Its all a learning process, and its not easy. I am currently entering a 2mo relationship with the most amazing girl.

We met in college. Wow, that makes it sound like we are old. We met this past semester. Fall 2011. Her name is Rachel. She was a junior while i was a mere freshman. We had some brief encounters first semester through mutual friends on our small campus, but never really got to know each other. It wasn't until other mutual friends, a booze filled apartment, and one pesky best friend of mine, that we finally started talking. We were both completely schwasted. One thing led to another and things happened. Sorry folks but that's all I will say about that. We became friends and as my feelings for her continued to grow, I began to text her everyday. Without fail. I spent time with her and we talked a lot. She began to open up for the first time in a long time. We were becoming best friends.

She wasn't oblivious to my feelings, that were not reciprocated by her I might add. Whenever I got drunk, which was a lot at that time, she received some lovely texts telling her all about my feelings. Her response was always polite but the same. I'm sorry, I don't feel the same and I am not looking to get into anything. Fair enough, but my stubborn ass wouldn't take no for an answer. So the texts (while drunk) continued. The same answer always followed. Eventually, I began to stop texting her, even if I was sober. I was trying to forget about her and move on. Well, she didn't like this. She had began relying on my daily hello and questions on her day. Later I would find out it made her feel wanted and loved..So whenever i stopped texting her, she would text me. A lot. Saying things like I know you miss me.. which I did. I think she secretly loved toying with my emotions.

One day, I got very VERY drunk. And the "I like you" texts began. But it was different this time.. it was not just how i felt, but why I felt that way, why I thought we would be good together and why I'd be good for her. Its not surprise that when I re-read these I was overcome with terror on what she was going to say. Later that day we got together and we talked. For a few hours. I cried a bit too if I remember correctly.. and she said she would give me that chance I begged for. I was ecstatic.

Fast-forward past some drama about us and get to March 24 2012. She asked me to be hers. To be her girlfriend. I cried. And yelled and giggled and just couldn't stop smiling. It was everything I had wanted. I got the girl and I had defeated the odds.

Its now 8 minutes till we officially hit 2 months. I couldn't be happier. We have overcome so many obstacles and negative reactions people had about us and have grown closer and stronger as a couple. She is still everything I have wanted and more. Yes, we fight. And sometimes I have my moments of doubt but it all comes back to the conversation we had. We were talking about what we wanted to be as a couple. It was in complete agreement when we decided we were going to strive for a meaningful lasting relationship. One that we will always hold close and fondly remember.

And that's the point of a serious relationship. It isn't to show off or to brag. Its having someone who you want to hold close even if you grow apart. I know even if Rachel and i don't make it to forever,she will always be in my life, and my best friend. WE are way to bonded for her to completely leave my life for good. I found someone who was at the same level I was. Everyday my love for her grows. And although we are spending the summer apart as we both work towards our futures I feel closer to her than before. We have managed to stay close and strong even with distance. I love my pumpkin so much and I can honestly say I truly don't see us ending any time soon. Love you baby. Happy two months. Here is to many many more to come.

"Love was made for me and you"

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xo Sara

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