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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Dream Catchers have to be one of my favorite bedroom decorations of all time.
This one, which can be found in my room at home! I found it in Las Vegas up in the Mountains. It was snowing and absolutely beautiful. I got one for me and my best friend. They were handmade and sold by native americans from the area! :)

I am absolutely addicted to these sailor know bracelets! I got them from my mom on my 19th birthday! I am ALWAYS wearing one! I'll share the link below!

Candles! I always have them in my room.
This is from pier one.  The scent is a maple and
the leaves burn as the candle goes down. A must have for me!

     I got the starry night tapestry online for $20. It is HUGE! I am so excited to hang it in my dorm next year! Right now it is behind my bed and when I turn off the overhead light and turn on my lights around my headboard it looks magical. Love it!

UGLIES, PRETTIES, SPECIALS, and EXTRAS are a sci-fi series by Scott Westerfield. So good. Fast Read! I recommend it for a good summer read!

UV-Blue is my alcohol go to. I can take shots of it, use it for mixers and can even make some spectacular icee's with it!
I'll post recipes on a DRINKS page (coming soon!)

Old Books/ Nancy Drew! Well, I love the smell of old books and Nancy Drew is just do good! The old stuff is way better than the newer books. Just be warned!

Harry Potter. SO amazing. So good. Its practically my soul! No fear though I do not have 7 horcruxes! ;) gotta love a Potterhead!

Love Letters. Rachel decided to write me a bunch of them and whenever I have my doubts or worries, all I have to do is read them and be completely reassured that my relationship is good. Amazing!
I am so excited to be reunited with her in 10 days!

My diploma and cap. I am so proud of myself for getting through High School. College is so worth getting to. I know how much it took for me to fight through all the crap and the drama that High School brings and I am so glad I can be done with it all.

Monty Pyton's Flying Circus. I have yet to watch these yet but I can't wait! I loved Search for the Holy Grail! Monty Python is a genius! This box set is crazy and I am just so ready to dive into it!

I love incense just as much as I love candles. I actually burn it more than my candles.. I mean seriously look at how much I have! I will never run out!!

f.y.i. is this intense body butter experience. such a rich smell and thick lotion! It is all natural and just so good! Sadly, it is not sold anymore :(

 I love birds and this picture pretty much brings together a personal mantra (fly away) and the bird together!And it is in one of my fave. colors!

I adore this shampoo for its delicious smell, all natural parts and how soft and shiny it leaves my hair when used with the matching conditioner! (Found at Walgreens!)

 Not much to say. When I do decided to wear makeup, I tend to not go all natural, but these are the items I will grad to get all dolled up! Almost out of both the creme eye shadow, eye liner, lip stain and mascara! Guess I need to go makeup shopping!

 This liner is super dark and has a thin ass tip, I get great lines every time!

Clean Finish foundations is my new discovery. My pores disappear! The shade is great for summer and it comes off easily!

Lip stain is a party-girls addiction, lasts all night. Through drinks, shots,kissing.. and the naughty stuff ;) I love this shade. It isn't too dark on me but it lets me still get a nice color on!

Victoria's Secrete glitter liner is great when I go to clubs! I layer it ontop of the black and it just adds SPARKLES! :) love it!

These are my go to nail polish colors. Most dry fast and people always compliment me on the colors! :)

I love this mascara. It makes my eyes just POP!

I am addicted to organic soaps! This one is from a local store and is cinnamon scented! mmm!!

I went through a purple eyeliner phase. This brand goes on well, and the color is vibrant! Find it at Walgreens!

I used this blush a lot for Theatre shows I did in high school. has a bit of a shimmer but its a lighter pink! Got it at Kohls from the flirt line of cosmetics!

Got this from a friend for my birthday. It gives my eyelashes a shit ton on volume and the blue is not scary bright! Great for going out!

I love my contacts! I have had them for 4 years almost and they are such a good investment. I still wear glasses but not as much as I use to!

I hope you enjoyed my list of the things I love and adore!

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Lots of Love,
xo Sara


  1. Ahh good to meet another book lover! Thank you for the recommendations :)

  2. i love dream catchers! i remember we made them in elementary school, but i can't seem to find mine :(