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Sunday, July 29, 2012

I am BACK!

Hello friends,
Sorry for the long time of being away. Living on ym own has proven to be a bigger challenge than first originally expected. Money is tight, fridge and gas tank are empty and I am stressed to the max. I am just so thankful that Ill be moving back home in 11 days. Then once school starts I'll be living on campus again. I have received a few products to review. the first will be very soon! Gonna say I love it! :) Cant wait!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sorry i have been away for so long, I get internet at my first place on Monday and I will be on regularly. Love you guys!!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Hello friends. I am gearing up for yet another relaxing weekend with some beautiful whether. I started looking seriously at apartments today! YAY! I truly can't wait to get my own place to call home. Rachel is doing well, I know I have not been talking about her much lately. We even threw out the idea of living together and although deep in my heart I am so beyond ready to commit, she just thinks its too soon. And my brain agrees.. but my heart.. well that's always a different story.Anyways, found some beautiful lofts a bit out of my price range sadly. Then there was one cute little 1 bedroom or a a studio with some real charm..  That faux fireplace is adorbs. Just imagine same extra large candles and a little chic metal gate in front, light the candles.. have some drinks with Rachel, things could get sexy and fast!

Sadly my parents think we should reconsider due to location.:/ sometimes I just want to scream if you want me to be in safest place in town you can haul out $1000 a month for rent. Oh well. I will find it. My first home. I am just so excited to find a place and get settled in!

I feel like I am growing up so fast, yet at the same time.. it feels right. And natural. I'm excited. to have the chance to move out and be living out on my own. It is such a great feeling!!

Well friends that's all for tonight. I'm sure as I get closer to finding a place there will be info and my decorating ideas! Maybe even some DIY projects!

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xo Sara


Summer Clothing Picks! Part One

Summer is finally here (or almost here for my friends who are still in school) and it is time to update the wardrobe for a scorching hot summer! ;D This will be a 4 part post. I will be covering 5 stores and pulling my favorite pieces that are versatile and a key part for you're sexy summer!

So here are my favorite items for less!

Part One- Target!

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Stripe Tube Dress - Assorted ColorsXhilaration® Juniors One Shoulder Dress - Assorted Colors

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Core Short - Assorted Colors

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Striped Sleeveless Tank - Animal Combo
Mossimo Supply Co. Tan Straw Cut-out Fedora

Xhilaration® Juniors Camisole Top - Tribal

Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Laela Beaded Gladiator Sandal - Assorted Colors
Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Core Short - Assorted Colors

Xhilaration® Multi Watercolor Scarf
Womens Eyelet Fabric Sandal - Turquoise

Merona® Womens Plus-Size Flutter-Sleeve Knit Dress - Black
Merona® Shell Solid Bamboo ScarfWomen's Xhilaration® Taryn Flat Sandal with Flower - Assorted ColorsMossimo Supply Co. Straw Fedora - NavyMossimo Supply Co. Juniors Kimono Sleeve Dress - Assorted Colors

Hope I have caused some inspiration ladies!Love something? Need to have it? Well here you go go get it and tell me exactly what you buy!!

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Lots of love!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Dream Catchers have to be one of my favorite bedroom decorations of all time.
This one, which can be found in my room at home! I found it in Las Vegas up in the Mountains. It was snowing and absolutely beautiful. I got one for me and my best friend. They were handmade and sold by native americans from the area! :)

I am absolutely addicted to these sailor know bracelets! I got them from my mom on my 19th birthday! I am ALWAYS wearing one! I'll share the link below!

Candles! I always have them in my room.
This is from pier one.  The scent is a maple and
the leaves burn as the candle goes down. A must have for me!

     I got the starry night tapestry online for $20. It is HUGE! I am so excited to hang it in my dorm next year! Right now it is behind my bed and when I turn off the overhead light and turn on my lights around my headboard it looks magical. Love it!

UGLIES, PRETTIES, SPECIALS, and EXTRAS are a sci-fi series by Scott Westerfield. So good. Fast Read! I recommend it for a good summer read!

UV-Blue is my alcohol go to. I can take shots of it, use it for mixers and can even make some spectacular icee's with it!
I'll post recipes on a DRINKS page (coming soon!)

Old Books/ Nancy Drew! Well, I love the smell of old books and Nancy Drew is just do good! The old stuff is way better than the newer books. Just be warned!

Harry Potter. SO amazing. So good. Its practically my soul! No fear though I do not have 7 horcruxes! ;) gotta love a Potterhead!

Love Letters. Rachel decided to write me a bunch of them and whenever I have my doubts or worries, all I have to do is read them and be completely reassured that my relationship is good. Amazing!
I am so excited to be reunited with her in 10 days!

My diploma and cap. I am so proud of myself for getting through High School. College is so worth getting to. I know how much it took for me to fight through all the crap and the drama that High School brings and I am so glad I can be done with it all.

Monty Pyton's Flying Circus. I have yet to watch these yet but I can't wait! I loved Search for the Holy Grail! Monty Python is a genius! This box set is crazy and I am just so ready to dive into it!

I love incense just as much as I love candles. I actually burn it more than my candles.. I mean seriously look at how much I have! I will never run out!!

f.y.i. is this intense body butter experience. such a rich smell and thick lotion! It is all natural and just so good! Sadly, it is not sold anymore :(

 I love birds and this picture pretty much brings together a personal mantra (fly away) and the bird together!And it is in one of my fave. colors!

I adore this shampoo for its delicious smell, all natural parts and how soft and shiny it leaves my hair when used with the matching conditioner! (Found at Walgreens!)

 Not much to say. When I do decided to wear makeup, I tend to not go all natural, but these are the items I will grad to get all dolled up! Almost out of both the creme eye shadow, eye liner, lip stain and mascara! Guess I need to go makeup shopping!

 This liner is super dark and has a thin ass tip, I get great lines every time!

Clean Finish foundations is my new discovery. My pores disappear! The shade is great for summer and it comes off easily!

Lip stain is a party-girls addiction, lasts all night. Through drinks, shots,kissing.. and the naughty stuff ;) I love this shade. It isn't too dark on me but it lets me still get a nice color on!

Victoria's Secrete glitter liner is great when I go to clubs! I layer it ontop of the black and it just adds SPARKLES! :) love it!

These are my go to nail polish colors. Most dry fast and people always compliment me on the colors! :)

I love this mascara. It makes my eyes just POP!

I am addicted to organic soaps! This one is from a local store and is cinnamon scented! mmm!!

I went through a purple eyeliner phase. This brand goes on well, and the color is vibrant! Find it at Walgreens!

I used this blush a lot for Theatre shows I did in high school. has a bit of a shimmer but its a lighter pink! Got it at Kohls from the flirt line of cosmetics!

Got this from a friend for my birthday. It gives my eyelashes a shit ton on volume and the blue is not scary bright! Great for going out!

I love my contacts! I have had them for 4 years almost and they are such a good investment. I still wear glasses but not as much as I use to!

I hope you enjoyed my list of the things I love and adore!

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Lots of Love,
xo Sara

Monday, May 28, 2012

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Memorial Day Meaning

Memorial Day- the last Monday in May, a national holiday, and a day kids get off of school. All true facts, but what is the real purpose of Memorial Day? Well, I'm gonna tell you :)

Memorial Day is a holiday to celebrate the lives and work of the soldiers who died in combat for the United States. It was first created May 5 1868 by General John Logan, and it was first celebrated 25 days later on May 30th 1868. Sadly it took awhile for the states to see it as a true holiday. New York was the first state to recognize this holiday in 1873 and by 1890 all of the Northern States had officially recognized it. The southern Sates ... well not so much. They were still pretty pissed about loosing the Civil war and didn't want to cooperate. 1971 marked the first year every state recognized it as a holiday.

Once again, the American people thank those who have fallen for our freedom. As an individual, I am so proud to live in American. Yes, I hate it sometimes and even though I'm a political science major, the drama surrounding American politics can really piss me off. But I will always be grateful for the privilege to live here and call it my home.

So, enough with the history lesson. What did I do today? I'm glad you asked.. I have done hardly anything! I am really enjoying this three day weekend and sleeping in. I got up around 11, talked to Rachel for an hour and got dressed. Got lunch at Fazollis for a traditional sister date with Gen and then headed to Culvers for a concrete mixer! I think I freaked out the old lady at the table next to us. I was talking about marrying Rachel and becoming president. Oh and how Obama would be my bro and I would go shopping with Michelle Obama. Yep. I have some fantastic goals for my life.

Now I am just listening to Spotify, looking for freelance writing work and making so posts for my blog.

AS always, please subscribe, share and comment! I'd love to hear what you are doing for Memorial Day!
Lots of Love!
xo Sara

PS  If you feel my history lesson was a bit to brief for your enjoyment check out that's where I learned all about Memorial Day!

Have a great day everyone!