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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Meaning

Memorial Day- the last Monday in May, a national holiday, and a day kids get off of school. All true facts, but what is the real purpose of Memorial Day? Well, I'm gonna tell you :)

Memorial Day is a holiday to celebrate the lives and work of the soldiers who died in combat for the United States. It was first created May 5 1868 by General John Logan, and it was first celebrated 25 days later on May 30th 1868. Sadly it took awhile for the states to see it as a true holiday. New York was the first state to recognize this holiday in 1873 and by 1890 all of the Northern States had officially recognized it. The southern Sates ... well not so much. They were still pretty pissed about loosing the Civil war and didn't want to cooperate. 1971 marked the first year every state recognized it as a holiday.

Once again, the American people thank those who have fallen for our freedom. As an individual, I am so proud to live in American. Yes, I hate it sometimes and even though I'm a political science major, the drama surrounding American politics can really piss me off. But I will always be grateful for the privilege to live here and call it my home.

So, enough with the history lesson. What did I do today? I'm glad you asked.. I have done hardly anything! I am really enjoying this three day weekend and sleeping in. I got up around 11, talked to Rachel for an hour and got dressed. Got lunch at Fazollis for a traditional sister date with Gen and then headed to Culvers for a concrete mixer! I think I freaked out the old lady at the table next to us. I was talking about marrying Rachel and becoming president. Oh and how Obama would be my bro and I would go shopping with Michelle Obama. Yep. I have some fantastic goals for my life.

Now I am just listening to Spotify, looking for freelance writing work and making so posts for my blog.

AS always, please subscribe, share and comment! I'd love to hear what you are doing for Memorial Day!
Lots of Love!
xo Sara

PS  If you feel my history lesson was a bit to brief for your enjoyment check out that's where I learned all about Memorial Day!

Have a great day everyone!

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