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Tuesday, May 22, 2012



1. transitive and intransitive verb feel tender affection for somebody: to feel tender affection for somebody such as a close relative or friend, or for something such as a place, an ideal, or an animal

2. transitive and intransitive verb feel desire for somebody: to feel romantic and sexual desire and longing for somebody

3. transitive verb like something very much: to like something, or like doing, something very much
"I love watching old movies on TV."

4. transitive verb show kindness to somebody: to feel and show kindness and charity to somebody
"love your enemies"

5. transitive verb have sex with somebody: to have sexual intercourse with somebody (dated )

Love as you can see has many meanings. For each individual, it not only means something different, but it also feels different. So how do we know that when someone tells us they love us, that they really mean what we mean when we would say the same thing? It is just so confusing

Isn't that amazing? A concept that is just so simple, can really be so complicated. How do you know you are in love? Is it the way you feel when you are with someone? Or when you start missing them? And even then, missing someone is very different than craving someone. Is that craving feeling wrong? Or just infatuation? Or even something deeper than love.

For me, love seems to be all of the definitions. When I love someone, i feel all of the ideas listed above. And hell, the fifth is very true.God, I love sex. Sorry, I got sidetracked. OK, not really. Sex. Love. Do the go hand in hand? I really am gonna say no on this one. I've had my one night stands. Sex is good and natural and hell its healthy. I thoroughly enjoy sex and although love can come with it, it doesn't need to. But you all knew that already ;)

Also, I seriously feel we allow the media and society to really manipulate and construe what true passionate and unadulterated love really is. Watch TV for a long enough period of time and you will see a dozen commercials advertising the perfect ring or the dream honeymoon. With wedding season upon us it seems the media is just having a fucking field day with trying to get girls in that $5000 gown and the guys to dough out $2000 on the "perfect" ring. And while I will admit, I do have my moments where even I find myself buying into the perfect wedding, I wonder why it has to be so god damn expensive. Yes, you want your day to be one to remember. It does need to be special. But it also needs to be you. Do you and your partner love to throw cash around? Then go for it, as for me, I will save on my wedding. Although the $5000 ring is drop dread gorgeous, I don't fucking need it. Give me a nice ring that I'll be comfortable wearing everyday for the rest of my life. 

My wedding will be simple. Hand made items, place cards,invitations, and table settings with a very home like feel. Because that's really all my partner and I will be doing. Continuing on building our home, our life. So, people. Just remember. It isn't the money or the media. Its love. What you feel for the other person and how you show it that matters. 

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