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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Be a manly man?

Ever since the beginning of time there have been the "quintessential" things every manly man should be doing. In the earliest years it was hunting, protecting and reproducing. And to an extent, this has not changed much over time. In reality what does society tell a man he needs to be doing to prove his manly hood? Make money to support your family, protect your family from harm, provide a financial security, and raise children? Well, sort of.

A list has been recently floating around the web that gives you the ways to be a true manly man. Although this was posted in 2008, I have recently found a few of my favorite YouTubers making videos with their opinions on it. Ill post those links at the end of the page along with the link for the original list.

Here for your reading pleasure and amusement are some of my favorite "manly man" traits. Some are reasonable, while some are just downright crazy.

The Man List:

8. Power-slide a car around a corner
     - Very fast and the furious are we?

10. Mix Concrete
     - Not gonna lie, when I first read that I thought of Culvers concrete mixers.. but I don't think he was referring to ice cream. :)

14. Paddle a Canoe
     - Ummm.. ok?

15. Set up an Xbox on HDTV
     - Is it that much harder to plug shit in on a Xbox to a HDTV compared to a regular TV?

17.Read a map without using SatNav
     - What is SatNav? Satellite Navigation? Why the hell would you not use technology? God sometimes I wonder how men survive this world.

24.Complete an Army assault course
     - Why does this qualify you as a man? Seems kinda violent.

25.Survive on a desert island (Wilson volleyball is optional)
   - Ha. that was a good movie.

28.Survive a bear attack
   - Um.. excuse me?

32.Win a steak eating contest
   - Why does it need to be steak? Wouldn't hot dogs suffice?

41.Demonstrate nunchuck skills
    - I know a few guys who would love this requirement.. I know a lot of their mothers and girlfriends will also be taking them to the hospital for hurting themselves.

44.Tarmac a driveway
    - What the hell is tarmac? Is it like concrete?

47.Survive being interrogated
   - How about never be interrogated. Don't break laws.. it never looks good when your girlfriends parents start asking questions and you are stuck to be interrogated for a second time by the father with a rifle. Shits gonna get real.

48. Act like a gentleman around women
    - Ok, I like this :) gotta love a gentleman.

51.Never get lost while driving and NEVER ask for directions
    - Lets be honest here folks. Men get lost. A LOT! Men, suck up your pride and get directions. Would you rather fear the wrath of your significant other when you are late for something important?

63.Command a covert team of Special Forces soldiers in a paintball game
    - Damn, this sounds intense. Glad I don't have a dick or identify as a man!

68.Thrash a few geeks on Call of Duty 4 on XBox Live
    - Guys, why does this sound like fun. Enjoy your video games but do you need to be mean? I'm sure these "geeks" have it hard enough.

72.Become a Centurion
   -Is that like.. from lord of the rings? shit.. im lost..

75.Save a child from being hit by a speeding car
    - ermm... what? even I would be like fuckk nooo!!!  But guys if you have what it takes to do this I bet you'll get laid. A lot. 

Well folks, there is the modern man for you. He has survived a bear attack and can still act like a gentleman. 

To see some awesome YouTube videos on this list click either here ----^

         <----------------- or here! 

Thanks for reading everyone! Please share and subscribe! Lots of love! 


  1. I love this! And I'm very happy to be your first member; I just started a blog too. I did a post on why men always have to wear suits the other day. I love Kingsley from youtube! Glad I found your blog, I'll definitely be reading from now on.
    Ashley x

  2. I am very excited to hear this! And I checked out your blog too, its really good. I will defiantly be following you! It seems like you have a lot of followers, would you mind doing a promo for me? Thanks!
    xo Sara

    1. Hey Sara,
      I'm really sorry I didn't notice this message, I have replied to your ask on tumblr! I love your posts and your open-mindedness, so I am happy to help you where I can.
      Ashley x

    2. That is great to hear. Thank you so much!