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Friday, June 1, 2012


Hello friends. I am gearing up for yet another relaxing weekend with some beautiful whether. I started looking seriously at apartments today! YAY! I truly can't wait to get my own place to call home. Rachel is doing well, I know I have not been talking about her much lately. We even threw out the idea of living together and although deep in my heart I am so beyond ready to commit, she just thinks its too soon. And my brain agrees.. but my heart.. well that's always a different story.Anyways, found some beautiful lofts a bit out of my price range sadly. Then there was one cute little 1 bedroom or a a studio with some real charm..  That faux fireplace is adorbs. Just imagine same extra large candles and a little chic metal gate in front, light the candles.. have some drinks with Rachel, things could get sexy and fast!

Sadly my parents think we should reconsider due to location.:/ sometimes I just want to scream if you want me to be in safest place in town you can haul out $1000 a month for rent. Oh well. I will find it. My first home. I am just so excited to find a place and get settled in!

I feel like I am growing up so fast, yet at the same time.. it feels right. And natural. I'm excited. to have the chance to move out and be living out on my own. It is such a great feeling!!

Well friends that's all for tonight. I'm sure as I get closer to finding a place there will be info and my decorating ideas! Maybe even some DIY projects!

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xo Sara



  1. That fireplace is amazing!! You should add some color to make the room more fun though!! Your blog is amazing, good job!!

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